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I was asked by LINE to create a series of illustrations/iconography to be used for theming across their various mobile platforms & apps.


Spreading some love via the form of type. Typopgraphy work created in collaboration with Anthropologie for use on a t-shirt design. Available to purchase here


A series of illustrations & Icons created for Google Health for use across various platforms.

Outta This World Greeting

Let someone know they’re outta this world with this card AND badge!

NIPS Illustrations

A series of illustrations created to decorate Deepmind’s stand at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference.

Space! Print

Print available to purchase here.

Google Health Environments

A series of illustrations created for google.

Bon Voyage Place Holder

Love – Pride

Sticker & print available here

Hello Love Place holder


Ethics & Society Symposium 2018

A series of illustrations to accompany a 6 part workshop conference hosted by DeepMind and attended by a selected delegation of attendees.


Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of icons and iconography from various clients and jobs. Below are a small selection of them.

Sweet Treats

Sometimes you need to treat yourself. Art print & greeting card available here.


I was asked by Swiss watch makers Swatch Watch to create a bunch of artwork and designs for Flik Flak, their child friendly line.

In Bloom

You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be. Art print available at

Deepmind Data

A series of illustrations for DeepMind Energy which overviews how AI is helping reduce the energy consumed by Data Centers.


A series of illustrations created for Twitter Design Director Mike Kruzeniski. The illustrations were used to visualise points during a presentation about macrointerations based off this blog post.

Diamonds / Wedding

Some wedding stationary, including a save the date and invite designed for my sisters big day.

Diamonds Place Holder


A animation created for a seasonal Christmas mailer sent to clients, friends & family.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust asked me to create some illustrations to highlight the importance of knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer to be used on an infographic/social media. The full infographic can be seen on their website here.