The boring stuff...

About Neil

Based in London, England, Neily did it is illustrator & designer Neil Rook. Neil believes design should always be fun and when appropriate full of colour or pattern (or both). Ironically though his favourite colour is probably grey. If you need something don’t hesitate to get in contact and let’s talk about it.

Client List

Sometimes cool brands and companies ask me to collaborate and work with them. Below are just some of the companies I’ve been lucky enough to work with: American Express, Anthropologie, Coca-Cola, Google, Bloomingdales, Swatch Watch, Twitter & Meredith Publishing amongst others.

Get in Touch

Sometimes I scatter bits of myself around the internet, a bit like lord Voldemort’s horcruxes, but far less evil. You can find me hiding out at some of the places below.

E-mail – neilydidit@gmail.com
Dribbble.com – /neilydidit
Instagram.com – @neilydidit
Pinterest.com – /Pinterest
Twitter.com – @neilydidit